I like my smegma with a dry rosé

"It has to be dry to complement the bitter notes that smegma brings", says Pat King

My first smegma experience was truly special. And it happened a lot later in life than you think. The year was 2014 and I was hauling my rig across Ontario ultimately to Alberta and then down south to head back home. I stopped in a Flying J truck stop after putting in about 10 straight… Continue reading I like my smegma with a dry rosé

Smegma and Freedom

Chris Barber breaks down the intertwining relationship between smegma and freedom

Lately, people have been asking me the same questions over and over. “What’s freedom?” they say hysterically, all up in my face. “What does it mean ‘to be free’? Can anyone ever be truly free? In order to co-exist, we have to make compromises, right?” They expect me to get angry and start running my… Continue reading Smegma and Freedom

Why I love Smegma

Tamara Lich explains the origins of her fascination with smegma

It was August 29th, 1997. I was living in Saskatoon with my then-boyfriend, Steven Wohll. Steve and I were the first real long term relationship I had. It was a Friday evening and a warm breeze crept into the window of the apartment I was renting over on Osler Street. The air was warm and… Continue reading Why I love Smegma

Welcome to Smegma.ca!

Hello! I am James Bauder, one of the founding members of smegma.ca. I thought I’d write this quick introduction post to let you all know that we have big plans for this website! As purveyors of many fetish communities in and around Canada, I am happy to announce the site launch of one of the… Continue reading Welcome to Smegma.ca!