Why I love Smegma

Tamara Lich explains the origins of her fascination with smegma

It was August 29th, 1997. I was living in Saskatoon with my then-boyfriend, Steven Wohll. Steve and I were the first real long term relationship I had.

Our rental on Osler Street in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

It was a Friday evening and a warm breeze crept into the window of the apartment I was renting over on Osler Street. The air was warm and humid and I was trying to keep cool, sitting in my living room reading a magazine.

Steve was working in the other room, trying to fix the main water line. We haven’t had water for about 4 days and I was absolutely aching for a shower. Oh how I longed to feel clean again! Also I needed to cool down from the hot sticky weather we had been having lately.

Steve walks into the room in a huff, clearly frustrated.

“I cant fuckin fix this shit”, he exclaimed.

“Why not? do we need a plumber?” I asked, trying not to annoy him more than he already was.

“Maybe. I need a break. Move over I need to take off my pants and rest”, he grunted. He was a hot sweaty mess and his hands were covered in dirt and drywall dust from his failed attempts to resolve our water problem.

He peeled off his jean shorts and took his underwear off. His legs and inner thighs were slick with sweat. There was a musky smell coming from his groin – I could see a residue of some sort collected around the head of his penis.

“You smell…. interesting”, I said cautiously.

“Can I come closer and smell you?”, I asked politely.

“Sure whatever, babe”, he muttered, closing his eyes attempting to take a nap.

I crawled across the couch over to his side and inspected his penis. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. This moment changed my life forever and was one of the reasons I was drawn to this community.

I feel so at home here , and I will proudly support and help this community grow.


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