I like my smegma with a dry rosé

Pat King likes his smegma with a dry Rosé
"It has to be dry to complement the bitter notes that smegma brings", says Pat King

My first smegma experience was truly special. And it happened a lot later in life than you think.

The year was 2014 and I was hauling my rig across Ontario ultimately to Alberta and then down south to head back home.

I stopped in a Flying J truck stop after putting in about 10 straight hours without a break to even piss. My arms were tired, my eyes were tired and my soul was tired. I needed a break.

After idling in the parking lot for about 10 minutes, closing my eyes, I decided that my hunger outweighed anything else and jumped down to head to the diner for a bite.

I walked in the door, looked around and saw a few faces I’ve seen over the years. Didn’t know any names but we all know each other just through repetition of the routes. Back and forth forever.

I saw the washroom was unoccupied so I decided to piss before anything. I whipped it out and waited for the pee to come out of my penis and looked down. My dick was covered in something and was a bit itchy. I touched it with my finger and then tasted it. It tasted salty and a bit bitter.

Dont pair the wrong wine with your smegma
Dont make that age old mistake of pairing the wrong wine with your smegma

All sound around me dissolved. All I could feel was the pounding heart in my chest. My vision blurred a bit. At first I thought I was having a heart attack but I felt fine. In fact I felt amazing.

There was a rush of power – a tingling sensation that flowed from the top of my head all the way down to my penis. I looked down again and it was bigger now.

I had to have more. I had to know what this was.

After eating I headed back to my truck and looked it up. That is when I found this community and it changed my life.

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