Chris Barber

Chris Barber hails from Swift Current and is the founder and managing director of A purveyor and enthusiast of all things dirty cock, Chris’ obsessive quality control and oversight of the smegma website and its massive archives ensures a supremely high level of high end smegma content.

Benjamin Dichter Convoy Organizer

Benjamin “BJ” Dichter

Benjamin currently lives in Toronto Canada and is the community liaison of many smegma meetups and fetish nights in and around Toronto’s downtown core. Want to meet some of the dirtiest smegma producers? Benjamin is your man

Tamara Lich Freedom Convoy Organizer and Smegma Co-owner

Tamara Lich

Tamara, originaly from Saskatchewan, is the director of finance for and its affiliates. From an early age, Tamara has been fascinated by the various discharges that are emitted from unwashed penises and general dirty genitalia. She was naturally attracted to our community and offered her services to help us grow into what we are today

Pat King Freedom Convoy

Pat King

Patrick joined the board of directors in early 2018 and has contributed groundbreaking policy and managerial insight as the Smegma community has grown over the last several years. Not only is Patrick integral to’s growth, but he is an active participant in the community, contributing gigabytes of images and video back to the community he so tirelessly serves.

Daniel Bulford

Danny Bulford is an early investor in the smegma community and has contributed in many different ways throughout the history of this particular community. He has several smegma enthusiast foundations across Canada and the USA and we are very fortunate to have Danny on our board of directors.